Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos from 9/7/2011 (8 days old)

Here are some photos from today!

Sara Bela's belly button revealed!

We're trying to take photos with Sara Bela next to this purple squid to measure her growth.  The purple squid has a story behind it: I gave Rachel a purple squid kite when we were kids, which she loved, and a friend of hers gave her this squid doll later on.  Now she's passed it along for Sara Bela.
Not the most precise measurement

Mom kissing baby!   Cuteness.  Sara Bela spent a lot of this morning awake and aware which was a lot of fun.
Mom kissing baby

Our friends Sarah and Phil brought over delicious veggie chili and pickled veggies, and was great with Sara Bela.  We've been getting delicious food brought by the house each day from different friends.  It's been wonderful.

From Sara Bela

Hannah and Sara Bela!

From 9/7/11

Sara Bela in our bed, early in the morning, with the sunlight beginning to poke through.
Beautiful in the morning light

Hannah and I love to gaze into her eyes.
These two love each other very much

I took this photo while Sara Bela was curled up on her side in my left arm.  It was extremely sweet.
The cuteness here can't be captured in a photo

We've had a great, relaxed day!  Last night, she slept until about 1am, and then went back to bed until 4am. At 4am, she didn't want to go back to bed until about 5:30am, but she was relatively mellow about it.  There was much burping.  And then she woke up again around 8ish ... feeding, activity, and then sleeping for 2-3 hours has been our evening pattern so far, which has been lovely -- in about 12 hours or so we get enough sleep.

I was just playing a fun game with her in which I spun her around (on her back, looking up) and then turned direction, all under the ceiling lights.  She seems to like to look at the ceiling lights -- interestingly she turns her head away from the direction that I spin, unless I turn her so that her head points inwards, in which case her head turns towards the direction I'm spinning.  I thought her head turning was about watching the lights, but now I'm not so sure!

While I was writing this, Aunt Katie just called in to check in on the new member of the family.  Everyone has been so loving!

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