Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another day with our tiny friend

Today was good and restful and filled with learning.  Sara Bela, you stayed awake for about 5 hours w/o napping, about 11 or 12 to 5.  Crazy!  You met our friends Christi and Adam - great community organizers and beer brewers.  They brought great food for us and we have already enjoyed the pesto gluten free pasta and salad.

Then we walked to the farmers' market and said hi to Billy Yalowitz, who we had Shabbat dinner with the night we went into labor with you!  Our neighborhood is filled with people who want to be your friends.
Last night we watched the Republican presidential debate and tonight, President Obama's speech on jobs and job growth for people in our country.  The political and economic environment in which you are growing up is hard.  But we can work together in our community and with leaders beyond Philly to build the world we all deserve.
You are sleeping now after a long day of awakeness - we are excited for another night with you and another bright day tomorrow.  We are so lucky to have dear friends and family nearby!
Love, your mom Hannah and dad Josh

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