Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/2011 (7 days old)

On the way downtown to a doctors appointment (in the pouring rain!), Sara Bela started sucking her fingers!  Earlier in the day, I noticed she was sucking on her arm and prophesized that she would soon start sucking her fingers if she discovered that.  It’s great to see her starting to learn to sooth herself, as well as see her using her arms!  Yesterday she was waving her arms around far more thatnI had seen her do that in the past.  

Sara Bela was sleepy and burpy/gassy today but is still a voracious eater.  She’s getting stronger.  Mari and Erin came and visited, and Mari touched her feet.  Amy Ignatow brought us a delicious turkey loaf!  Val held Sara Bela for a long time as we watched Two Towers.  

We are excited to see what tomorrow brings.  Last night, Sara Bela only woke up twice (4am and 7am).  Each time, she wakes up, Hannah feeds her, we change her, burp her, and then spend a little bit of “quiet aware” time with her, as she hangs out with her eyes open and we give her love and have important conversations with her.   

Before bed, we “read” her White on Black, a childrens book with simple white shapes on a black background (fruit, boat, buttons, etc.)  Sara Bela was surprisingly interested, and seemed to maintain focus for a while on the images.  We talked about what each shape was and then sometimes sang a relevant song (e.g. ‘rubby duckie’ for the rubber duckie shape).  Yes, she's only a week old, but it was fun to try!

She’s now active and awake in her cosleeper, but happy -- we are going to bed and are trying out a sleep sack instead of a swaddle.  (It didn’t work.)

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