Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dad sleeps in

Last night you kind of wanted to have a being-awake-festival, and I had gotten extra sleep as I went to bed a few hours earlier than your dad, so this morning I experimented with letting him sleep and hanging out with you one on one.

You were a little cranky as you have been struggling with burps and too much air in your wee digestive system, but after lots of burping and eating and a diaper change, I got myself dressed (no small feat), you into your carrier and went downstairs.

Grinding coffee and making oatmeal, not to mention doing dishes, is a contact sport while wearing a drowsy baby!  When I tried to spit out my toothpaste post teethbrushing, I hit the mirror and the faucet instead of any reasonable part of the sink, for example.  But I was able to get food heated and in front of me, and got to enjoy my breakfast while staring at your gorgeous face.

You are more beautiful and willful and yourself every day, little Sara Bela!  Let's see what Sunday has in store.

Hannah your mama

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