Friday, September 9, 2011

A Friday of Grand Adventures

Dear Sara Bela, Today was your most exciting West Philly day yet. We started out with a visit from your Safta (the hebrew word for grandmother) Susie and Rachie. It's hilarious to see them negotiate over who gets to hold you next. They both love you so much and we know that you'll learn grace, love and family from both of them.

Check out the cute onesie Sydney gave me!

Sara Bela!  Stop punching Safta!


 After a fun visit, our neighbor Teresa walked by. Teresa and Rachie talked for a while about schools for kids in our neighborhood and how hard we want to work to make sure you and all kids get a great education. Teresa had great advice for us and wonderful stories about her birth of Gus, who is now a beautiful 4 year old. Our dear friend Mars stopped by briefly with delicious cheese cake cupcakes and borscht. Beets and cheese are big favorites in our household. This conversation involved us eating many handfuls of concord grapes grown on our porch. We sat under the shade of our grape vines leaves, protecting you from the sun as we chatted with our neighbors and family.
Sara Bela was pooped after the visitors!
Then we decide to embark on a grand adventure. Both of us have been overwhelmed with the miracle of your birth and what a blessing you've been, so we decided to go to Kabbalat Shabbat services at the local synagogue, Kol Tzedek. Shabbos is a day of rest and celebration every week for Jews all over the world.

Josh and Sara Bela at Kol Tzedek
Having a newborn turns everything into a contact sport, so we prepared for every inevitable outcome -- diaper bag packed to the brim, we headed off to shul. You needed to eat a few times during the service and you were very warm at the Calvary Church, a wonderful community space where Kol Tzedek meets (and where your momma worked for many years at the Prometheus Radio Project), but we could definitely tell you were in the spirit of the Sabbath when you projectile vomited all over us during the Shma prayer. Everyone marvelled at how beautiful you were and you had so well that we accepted a dinner invitation from our new friends Billy and Sarah, at whose house we started our labor with you two weeks ago today! We just got home from a great dinner there with Billy, Sarah, Paul, and Nava. Everyone was captivated by your birth story and we were grateful to talk about Jewish life and culture in our community and beyond with these wonderful people. Now you're home and snuggled up. Thanks for a great day, Sara Bela!

Sara Bela, sleeping after a busy day

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