Monday, October 24, 2011

Sara Bela at eight weeks!

Sara Bela is now eight weeks old!  I can barely believe it.  It's been a whirlwind adventure of wonderment and cuteness.  She's doing wonderfully and I'm amazed every day at how much she's become her own person and the simple but amazing things she can do.

Right now, she's lying on her back in the new play mat/gym contraption that her (great!) Aunt Leslie gave her while we visited family up in Toronto.  We were shocked to see how much she absolutely *loves* this psychedelic contraption full of eyes and colors and a mirror.  She often shows off two of her new skills when on her back: showing her excitement by waving her hands and legs, and smiling!  Oh yes, she can smile -- and her social smile is incredibly effective at making adults swoon.

Sara Bela Smiling in Her Entertainment Center

One slightly bizarre aspect of her love of this playmat is her obsession with the portrait of the three people you can see in the lower right hand of the image.  She can stare at this portrait for a very long time, and will come back to it again and again.  I'm not sure why ... but one theory is that she loves rectangles.  She's always loved staring at windows, to such a degree that we often talk about her dear personified window comrade "friend window".


In other developmental news, Sara Bela is getting way better at sticking her hand in her mouth.  Here is some documentary evidence with her Safta Susie:

We've been up to many adventures since our last blog posts, but the two biggest have been our time at Occupy Philly and our trip to Toronto.  Before our week long trip to Toronto, the highlight of many of our days was travelling down to Occupy Philly at City Hall.  During one amazing night, we participated in Kol Nidre (the beginning of the Yom Kippur holiday) at the protest -- I have a deep sense memory of Hannah breastfeeding while standing during the prayers, the sounds of the occupation and a helicopter in the mix.  It was an absolutely beautiful and powerful spiritual experience for us.  A big theme of the service was Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's famous quote: "When I marched at Selma, my feet were praying."  After Kol Nidre, we walked over to watch the Phillies game which we had worked to make sure would be projected at Occupy Philly.  (The city was not involved, despite rumors to the contrary.)  That was also amazing, despite the tragic resolution of the game.  We've been inspired by all of the energy and optimism from old and new activists in Philly.  Hurrah!

Some Occupy Philly photos:

Baby Revolutionary Fashion
Kol Nidre at Occupy Philly: you can see us in the middle (I am wearing Sara Bela)

Baby Bloc at Occupy Philly family area
Sara Bela & Marco (w/ Hannah and Alicia)

Sara Bela is bored by General Assembly

We just came back from a trip to Toronto.  The drive up was difficult, as Sara Bela became very unhappy every 45 minutes or so and we would stop and hold and feed her.  We thought about giving up on the idea of driving!  But a helpful worker at a rest stop restaurant helped me adjust our car seat to fit her less tightly and she was much happier.  Hannah was a champ and sat beside her and kept her happy and fed ... and by the drive home we had smooth sailing and Cadet Bela was happy.

Our time in Toronto was wonderful!  Sara Bela got to meet her great grandparents, Joyce and Sam, who were absolutely in love with her (of course!):
Sam meets his great granddaughter

Joyce couldn't get enough

as well as her great aunts and uncles and cousins:
Linda was bouncing up and down like a cartoon
Jonathan and a stunned looked Sara Bela
Ben was so sweet with her
Leslie smooches Bela

Here are some bonus photos from the last few days!

Benny snuggles Sara Bela at Clark Park

Bela has Houdini-like mastery of breaking free of her swaddle

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