Sunday, October 30, 2011

At the end of October

Sara Bela, you were born two months ago! You have changed so much, but your alertness and sweetness only continue to grow. This morning we got up around 7ish, a,nd despite a bout of projectile vomiting (!) we were able to get out of bed and get you changed and dressed without waking up your dad. He was up late picking our housemate Shy and his partner Smoot up from the airport, so I was glad he could sleep.

We then had a fantastic morning with you smiling and laughing a lot at patterns -- like the contrast of the letters and the red rectangular border on the Altoids boxes that are lying around the living room, the shadows behind me when I was dancing to jazz music in front of you, and the black and white pictures in a couple of your favorite books.

Then you slept in your carrier after getting tired, and I made cheesy gluten free biscuits for our returning housemates and for Josh, who can't eat wheat-flour bread. (Here's hoping you don't have the same allergy!)

You listened to a lot of music this morning -- jazz radio, The Ex's Turn (a favorite CD in this house), and a little NPR news (I'm addicted, sorry lady!).

Now I'm typing this up while you hang out with your dad. Sounds like you are waking up -- I'll see you in a minute!

your mama Hannah

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