Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jeggings in the wild!

Here is a photo of Sara Bela wearing the jeggings (faux jeans  leggings) that her Rachie and her Safta bought for her yesterday!   We are sitting in Clark Park after a lovely morning taco date with Noah and Leah.  We had an easy night last night, with Cadet Bela only waking up at 1am and 5am and then at 9am!  She was wonderfully alert last night and really seemed to enjoy looking at things.  Mars and Stinson baby sat last night!  Sara Bela cried her heart out for the first part but she slept (like a baby) after they and Shy (who is so wonderful with her) fed her a bottle.

Bela went to her first meeting yesterday at MMP with her mom!  She learned all about fundraising.   I worked in a nearby coffeeshop reading developmental psychology papers about High Amplitude Sucking, a method used to get a glimpse of what tinies can tell the difference between and what they prefer.  I'm making a pacifier with a digital out.   Her space captain training continues!

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