Thursday, February 9, 2012

February amazingness

Sara Bela, we've been taking hundreds of photos and sending email updates about your progress in Babyness to many friends and family, but we've neglected to update your blog. Let's talk about some of your most amazing accomplishments in the last month.

1) Rolling. You have become adept at rolling over from your back to your belly -- and as of this post you've just begun belly to back.

2) Bouncing. Local Philly friends Beth and her daughter Ida gave us a bouncy chair that hangs from the doorway of the kitchen to the living room. You delight in bouncing in it. The first time we put you in there, you stood with your legs touching the floor -- and suddenly an expression of utter glee overtook your face. You could stand! Turn! Look at stuff -- in any direction you chose! Even -- dare I say it -- BOUNCE. You are now an adept bouncer who will happily party in her chair while Mom makes oatmeal. You even, especially with your dad, will bend your knees and smile -- noting to him that you'd like him to provide manual bouncing until his arms fall asleep/fall off. That was actually your first bouncing experience!

3) Talking. Ta ta ta! Ba! Da da da da, pa pa pa, pttthhhffftttt. AoOoOooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--ah!

4) Grabbing. Oh look! A refrigerator magnet. A matchbook. Your nose. Fun to grab!

5) Tasting. Oh look! A refrigerator magnet. A matchbook. Your nose. Delicious!

6) Being friends with peeps. It took you a little bit, but (knock wood) you now are really excited to spend time every day with your amazing team of caregivers -- your Safta Sue, Rachel, Shy, and Smoot. We're so grateful that so many people love you (even when you vomit/poop all over a carefully chosen super hip outfit).

Sara Bela, we love you and can't wait to watch you grow more. Snuggling with you and singing with you and loving you are why we get up in the morning (or the middle of the night), and we are so excited to be sharing your ever-expanding world with you.

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